Put an End to Lost Keys and Changing Locks
Make the management of your properties easy and trackable. No need to worry about changing the locks when someone leaves the company and no more worrying about where the master key went.
Control and Monitor Employee Access
Access control makes it easy for you to manage which employees can access what parts of the office or property and when. Keep record of where and when your employees have accessed your property all from your smartphone.
Gated Access for Properties and Areas
Confidently control perimeter access and specific areas within your apartment complexes, hotels, clubhouses, etc. You control when, where and who can have access, all within one scalable easy-to-manage system.
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Protect your home from the inside out using the latest in home automation technology
Easy management of properties, keys and locks even from your smartphone
Installation, improvement and monitoring of your fire alarm systems and protection
Monitor your home or business while away, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer